MARTIN Patricia & Marie-France


Born in Switzerland, the Martin sisters live in France, Belgium and Switzerland. After the work of visual artists, they wrote their first text in 2002, presented a performance in 2007. In 2011 they presented their performances at Pompidou-Paris, Pompidou-Metz, at the L'Escale festival in Bordeaux, at the actOral Festival in Marseille (France) and Ferme- Asile in Sion (Switzerland). They use the world and themselves as themes for their work. Their considerations involve the use of all kinds of performance media - drawing, embroidery, sculpture, art history, cinema, video, literature, radio, contemporary and popular music. Dual inevitability, they use this biographical fact as the basis of their action. World events, experiences, feelings are examined and ruthlessly chased, separated and torn into a twisted, frivolous, flawed, elliptical, limitless language. The Martin sisters have published several texts in various publications and have published ???


The shape is peculiar to an auto-fiction dictionary. The entries are numerous. They consist of materials (texts, songs, pictures, photos, choreography, typography, color, processed films, video fragments ...) collected to create a dramoulet; a thread, clear, or doubtful, runs through them, unraveling, at a turning point ... The work belongs to the visual conferences.


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5 April 2012