Marcus Vinicius (Brazil)

Marcus Vinicius (Brazylia)


Since 2004 I have been focusing in my artistic work on my body as a territory of increased experiment, discovering the passage of time, instability and limitations in performance; creating urban interventions - transferring them to film and photography. In the processual project entitled Body strategies I am looking for remnants of daily activities, eye visions and roads written by the city. My body becomes both subject and material in it.


Getting to know my physical and mental limitations, I resisted the pain, exhaustion and the feeling of danger in searching for my "interior", waste of my body, space and time. I take advantage of various occasions and methods to explore the dialogue with the people around me in silence. I use strategies that can travel between spaces, cities, territories, islands or archipelagos, revealing a subjectivity that embodies life and gives the body and mind a purer (or cruel) reality. My strategies are like little devices that increase the perceptibility of small gestures, intimacy; using the simplest materials and the riches of everyday life, I create random encounters and secret opportunities for encountering a lyrical adventure.


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1 May 2011