Marcio Shimabukuro aka Shima (Brazilian)

Marcio Shimabukuro a.k.a. Shima (Brazylial)


Since 2005, the basic source of my research and artistic work has been everyday life and performance art. I deconstruct ordinary, daily activities to analyze patterns and traditional patterns of behavior. The performance art platform (time x place x action x context) is an important tool for me in the process of reaching the final result, which may be an installation, object, video, photography or performance activities. I like to create extraordinary ways of perceiving ordinary things, new lenses of seeing / feeling / thinking about reality, combining different disciplines and playing with their similarities, differences, contrasts and harmony.

Recurring topics:

  • determinants of identity and belonging
  • visions of contemporary everyday life
  • (how) to be in the world
  • constant state of crisis

Posted on

1 May 2011