Lucas Murgida (USA)

Lucas Murgida (USA)

Through performances and interventions, I enter into a dialogue with the audience about their understanding of services and their perception of freedom / liberation and derivatives / origins of power. To do this, I am using different ways of making a living as? Research? driving my artistic activities. First, I find employment in the circle of my interest and then I create objects, viagra 40mg which reveal hidden metaphors embedded in the structures of this work. I do this in-depth learning about things that are taken for granted - such as furniture or locks, pills or underestimated people - service workers or teachers. This process is carried out through extensive projects related to work in a restaurant, ambulance as a carpenter, locksmith or yoga instructor. I was born in 1976, I live in San Francisco, I like to take a nap and eat sweets with my brother Matt.


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1 May 2011