Lana Zdravković (KITCH)

Lana Zdravković (KITCH)


Lana Zdravković (KITCH) is a researcher, allergist a publicist, allergy political activist, producer of culture and artist. She is a candidate for a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Institute of Philosophy at the Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Ljubljana. Works as a researcher at the Peace Institute? Institute of Modern Social and Political Studies in Ljubljana. Active as an activist, performer, producer of culture and co-founder of KITCH? Institute of Art Research and Creation in Ljubljana. Among her artistic interests we can find: neoliberalization and economization of art, the work of a critic, pornography, kitsch and trash art.


The performance XXX YU considers the phenomenon of ex-Yugoslav war crimes from a gender perspective. Who is the real lair of war criminals? Although the violence of the war is firmly rooted in the patriarchal principles of men, the hidden Oedipus emerges from the psychoanalytic substrate that is fabricated by the Mother. It was her sin that was ultimately passed on to the Son, through her own milk, the milk of the Nation, distorted the male and female principles, and finally led to the travesty of War.

photos: Nada Žgank


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5 April 2012