Ko Z (Burma)

Ko Z (Birma)


From Hkawng Gyung (Ko Z). Born in 1973 in Taunggyi, Southern Shan, Burma, of Kaczinski origin. Lives and works in Yangon, Burma. He started painting and designing in 1999. To date, he has performed about 40 group shows including painting, installations, performance, natural art and many others. From 2006 to today, he has created 3 books with poems and one with drawings. Since 2002, he has taken part in single-person art shows. Since 2007, he has participated in artistic events in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. The most recent activity is creating natural / environmental art in Yangon and Burma and performing the art of perfomance several times.



Most of my thoughts are focused mainly on people's destinies (internal and external), but on the other hand, I am very much looking for and thinking about constant human manners (eating all the time, sleeping all the time, doing all the time, talking all the time, getting up all the time, etc.). In this way, sometimes I want to self-immolate internally and externally. I try to stay away from "Programmed Societies"


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8 May 2011