John G. Boehme (Canada)

John G. Boehme (Kanada)

As an artist, I am concerned with the continual redefinition of my core set of interests. These interests stem from my observations of some of the lesser obsessions of Western societies. By analyzing gender behaviors, especially male ones: job evaluation, the pursuit of entertainment and the devaluation of friendship, I discover a language and para-language based on word and gesture of interpersonal communication.

Live art presents a direct relationship with the material, action and process, with human interaction. In my understanding, physical involvement is the most embodied means of creating meaning. Through activities extended over time, both the artist and the audience gain access to the experience possible only through such commitment. This is obviously the archetypal method of "performance art", an experience that unfolds in duration. Nothing can replace this learning, this specific duration. And while there is no alternative to the aspect of performance's longevity per se (in itself), I remain interested in the issue of representing performance, the obvious problem of making an ephemeral moment accessible to a wider audience at another time. Using a film to "reconstruct" an event enables publication and discussion. Despite its material conditions, I believe that art finally happens on the social level.

When referring to multi-disciplinary works, I prefer to use the term "trans-disciplinary" as it refers to integration between the media as opposed to, say, the sequential use of different forms. For example, I use performance, video, audio, and props simultaneously in many of my works. I am not limited by any species; rather, I use a set of integrated attitudes.


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1 May 2011