Jakub Palacz (Poland)

Jakub Palacz (Polska)

You have to do performance art. This is the basic artistic activity for me, which then results in any other form of live performance. This action is intended and manufactured. A source of inspiration for film and theater.

Freestyle Tv performance is media processing in front of witnesses, drugs creating a new story form from what is on the screen. When you turn off the voice of your televisions, you will notice that what remains on the screen is often stupid, grotesque and funny. We see specific behaviors, absurd montages and artificial presenters. Our imagination gives us new relationships, and the advertising dialogues lose their perfidious purpose turning into black humor.

Freestyle TV performance also serves as an excellent script writing method.

The freestyler author can see immediately whether his new live version of the film is capturing the audience or awakening unhealthy e-powers.

Actor and Performer. A graduate of the PWST Krakow - Acting Department. Creator of the Eloe Theater of Noise in Krakow. Co-founder of the Scientific Cafe in Krakow's Kazimierz.


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1 May 2011