Inari Virmakoski


Inari is a visual artist focusing on performance and action art. It has been operating for 15 years in Asia (China and Indonesia), capsule Africa (Mozambique), generic Europe (Italy and Poland), price Cuba (Havana), Russia (Saint Petersburg) and the Baltic States. She is interested in the public art of intervention, and in her performance? Follow me? In 2008, 12 people took part in Helsinki. She also participated in the? Reindeer Safari? ? a project that won the Environmental Arts Award in November 2010. ? Reindeer Safari? took place on the outskirts of Helsinki. Participants learned about the habits of the reindeer and moved and rested like feeding reindeer. Inari presented the Retrospective Exhibition in November 2010 in Helsinki. She presented her performance with video and photo documentation and organized a performance event with the participation of 10 guest artists. Also, video documents from her artist friends around the world were presented at the exhibition during the film event.


During my studies of performance art, it turned out to be a possible art form for me. I had life experience and I wanted to use it. I was inspired by the nomadic life I lead and the time spent in Africa (8 years in total). I am glad to be part of the international world of performance art.


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5 April 2012