Igor Stach

Igor StachnivI am one of the leaders of the cultural and artistic community of the city of Drohobycz, prostate associated with the Alter off theater and creative NGO organizations, sale ed carrying out a wide range of local and international projects: theater performances (including outdoor), anabolics exhibitions and concerts, creative workshops, multimedia art actions of a social and intervention character. Now I am on a six-month Gaude Polonia Scholarship. Thanks to this, I have the opportunity to deepen and broaden my knowledge of the artistic approach to the problems of identity and memory, including the issue of private memory and institutional memory, memory disorders, memory archiving, the presence of memory in public space and architecture, reconstruction of the past, subjectivity of a physical and historical object. The search path in the archives and various libraries, conversations with friends and artists from various fields of activity, travel and new experience create the whole process. A process that sometimes leads me to a dead end sometimes leads me to point out what is important in my research and it is completely unnecessary…. But either way, the process is moving forward.


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9 May 2016