Ewa Świdzińska - born in Milanowek in 1958. Graduate of the State High School of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Institute of Artistic Education at the Higher School of Pedagogy in Częstochowa. Since the early 1990s, she has been involved in performance art as well as photography and installation. He conducts original interdisciplinary workshops. He lives in Warsaw.








She has participated in many meetings and performance festivals, including Interactions in Piotrkow Trybunalski, EPAF in Lublin, Polish Action Artproject in France: Besançon- Lyon-Bourogne, International Performance Art Festival in Giswil, Switzerland, RIAP in Quebec City and Regina (Canada), "Tardis International" in Ipswich, England, Perfidia Perfearance at XX1 Gallery in Warsaw, open space activities, e.g.. in the International Street Art Festival in Warsaw, in the International Ritual Festival in Pedvale, Latvia and also in projects dedicated to women's art, e.g. "Woman about Woman" at the BWA Bielska Gallery in Bielsko Biala, "Performance-esse" at the Wozownia Gallery in Torun, "Women's Day" at the Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok.

Her works were presented at exhibitions including: "100 Photos" at ACK UMCS in Lublin (2008), "From the problem of simulation to new symbolization" at the 6th Biennale of Photography in Poznań (2009); "Intimate Lives" at Piekary Gallery in Poznań (2010); "Oh no, not sex and death again!" at PGS in Sopot (2010); "Gender Grammar" at Interphoto in Bialystok (2013); "Iconography of Female Intimacy" at BWA in Zielona Gora(2014); "Bitter is the bread of Polishness "at BWA in Jelenia Gora (2014); "Selfie" at BWA Bielska Gallery in Bielsko Biala (2017) ; "Polish women, patriots, rebels" at Arsenal City Gallery in Poznan (2017).

Documentation of the artist's activities, photos, reviews were published, among others, in "Art Magazine", "Art&Business", "Literary Decade", "Newsweek", "Obieg", "Szum ", "Format", "Exit", "Arteon", "Spam.art.pl" and in books: "Art of Women," edited by Jolanta Ciesielska and Agata Smalcerz (published by Bielska Galeria BWA 2000); Krzysztof Jurecki "In Search of the Meaning of Photography" (published by Wozownia Gallery, Toruń 2008); Izabela Kowalczyk "Matki-Polki, Chłopcy i Cyborgi. Art and Feminism in Poland" (published by Arsenal City Gallery, Poznań 2010). Kiwis from PL. Tales of Performers, edited by Marta Ostajewska ( published by Faculty of Artes Liberales, University of Warsaw 2019).
The artist participated in the program by Jan Świdziński and Paweł Kamiński in the series "Alphabet of Polish performance", broadcast on TVP Kultura. Juror of the program TVP SA. Creative Valley, from the field of Theater.