Emrah Gokdemir

Creating life and creating art are the same for me - creating time. The only difference is that art has a form. " According to Teching Hsieh, I see my whole life as a process that I perpetuate through art as my own form of therapy. In this case, apart from my painting education, I try to experiment with other forms, such as video, documentary, writing, culinary and gardening design, photography, etc.… And among all of them also performance, which for me is closest to real life. It shapes my performances as small and private stories related to "identity", "social structure" and "sociology of everyday life". I am a member of the Antakya Performative Collective, which seeks to create a platform for collaboration, experimentation and research, and aims to open up space for art in everyday life, in the midst of the rapid changes in Antakya's demographic structure since 2018. Moreover, apart from Antakya and Istanbul, I performed mainly in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Lebanon and Cyprus, and video projections of my performances were shown in Ukraine, Italy and Indonesia.


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24 September 2019