Anne Seagrave (UK, Ireland, Spain, Poland)

Anne Seagrave (UK, Irlandia, Hiszpania, Polska)

Upside down is a presentation stretched in time, dealing with the problem of a self-portrait in terms of various media: painting image, drugs video and my interaction with the audience.

The initial idea appeared during my residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 2006. The project, which was then shown in Krakow, Helsinki and Tel Aviv, was specifically adapted and recreated at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow in March 2010.

During the 12th INTERAKCJE International Art Festival, I will invite viewers to experimentally create unconventional self-portraits.

The combination of the terms self-portrait, self-image, self-imaging or self-representation with the practice of living art is problematic and complex. How much of the personal identity should be recognized for a work to be a self-portrait, and how much of the artist's psychological remains in it? Through this exhibition, I want to recognize and at the same time challenge what motivates the artist to enliven his artistic work with his physical presence.


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1 May 2011