Anna Kalwajtys

Born in 1979. Visual artist and performer. In his activities, he focuses especially on the relationship between the artist and the viewer, the subject and the object of art, the artist and the work, the viewer and the watched. Her performances relate to the issue of human corporeality and biologicality, the process of building cultural identity, excluding weaker individuals from society, and borderline existential situations.

UWALNIAJĄC UMYSŁ | (2012), Międzynarodowy Festiwal Sztuki Performance 7a*11d, Galeria Toronto Free, Galeria Mercer Union, Toronto, Kanada

photo Henry Chan

Participant of many performance art festivals in Poland and abroad, incl. in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Canada, USA, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Greenland. In 2005, she graduated from Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, and in 2007 from Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. In 2006 she studied at the Faculty of Animation and New Media of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In 2015, she obtained a PhD in fine arts for her work BBL Bios-Lab realized under the supervision of prof. Grzegorz Klaman.

ZWIERZ „AKTIONSHOSE: GENITALPANIK 2018” | (2018), Gniazdo, wystawa: część 2, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, Gdańsk, Polska

photo Bartosz Żukowski


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25 September 2018