Andrés Galeano

Andrés Galeano


Andres Gaelano (born 1980 in Spain) graduated in philosophy from the University of Barcelona, advice Graduated from Freie Fotoschule Stuttgart and graduated in sculpture / free arts at Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin. Some of his most recent works have been exhibited at Acción! MAD in Madrid, The Basement in Brighton; Viva! Art Action in Montreal; La Muga Caula, Figueres at the Cervantes Institute in Berlin; Progr in Berni; Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin; Infr´action 2011 in Venice; Performanssi 2011 in Turku (FIN); Ebent Festival in Barcelona; Sziget Festival in Budapest; The National Museum in Szczecin; Grimmuseum in Berlin; Tina B Festival in Prague; ´O, Milán (I). Currently he lives and works in Berlin.



Andres Gaelano is a multi-discipline artist whose main medium is performance art. In his works, space, audience, objects, actions, time and his body are the elements that consciously create all the work. He freely mixes various means of artistic expression in his performances and uses the power of the moment and the present to evoke actions and situations that give rise to philosophical questions and poetic experiences. His works are usually site-specific and uses the logic of poetry that often leads to humorous and absurd situations. Currently, his artistic research focuses on the myth of flying and the archetypal person-bird.


cinematography: Laura Gianetti, Joana Silva


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5 April 2012