Ryszard Piegza

Ryszard Piegza is a French artist of the Polish origin given birth in 1954, living in Paris from 1982.

He is working in fields of the actionism, performance, of the video art and artistic installations. What materials would be used as situations, is searching for breaking with the stillness, creating the space of visual, resounding, expressed interactions with gestures between objects, between objects and people, between images and words (via the Internet). Or how to start the flying carpet, or the maze always as Perpetuum mobiles in the permanent move, never here or there, but always between, always between, never in a sitting position, constantly, motionless, dead butterfly in the Museum. The interactive exchange is a base in his activity for years 80 ‘ , as crossing them.

From 1978 to 1982, he created and managed the Lingua Embassy in Poland. He is a founder member of the Wizya Vidéo Art Action association in 1991. He is an author of the film akcjonistycznego titled “ Performer’s bloc notebook”.

In May 1998 with Michel Giroud (artist) and Charles Dreyfus, organised videoconferences, DADA-FLUXUS at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Vilnius. He is a founder of the Flying Carpet Airlines project and is a co-founder of the first festival franko-polskiego Interactions in Piotrków Trybunalski in central Poland.


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26 September 2018