Since the turn of 2017/2018, my performance activities can be described as verbal-performative, it is the performance of an original kind of poetry, maybe even specific poetry with music played live. I work in a duet with Wojtek Bernatowicz, RUDGER, founded in 2018. I, Zofia Kuligowska, write texts, Wojtek creates and performs music. The texts are inspired primarily by the absurd, the language I use deconstructs the commonly used language, colloquial language, political language, media language. We live in a world made up of words, we name and describe all phenomena, we evaluate situations and people. I try to pick out gems, combinations of words that appear as a result of errors, slips, mistakes, fatigue from this crowd of information. In the course of our activities, the viewer receives words that connect with each other for a short moment, create a fleeting meaning, possible to be caught in concentration, moreover, the action is accompanied by a projection, an animation visualizing the words, commenting on them. Everything is accompanied by live music played by Wojtek and our characters, bodies thanks to which we perform performances. The action simulates a situation that is perceptually demanding, focusing attention, and in a way mesmerizing like a TV show. We do not achieve the size of a concert, we do not perform actions one after another, we do not treat them as songs, they are creations, performance atoms from which we build, sometimes the material is duplicated in other activities, commenting on something completely different. We are looking for a way to deconstruct the abomination of the world around us, the cruelty in which it abounds. For us, the way to change is to show the same thing in a different way, broken down into prime factors, disarmed, allowing us to slowly swallow reality. The philosophy of slicing, shredding, and showing rearranged atoms goes hand in hand with the way of presentation, which brings together sound, image, content and movement. We try to get out of what we have already been taught, we search in the dark, guided by our sense of humor. We are looking for our vision of the future of performance.



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24 September 2019