Przemysław Kwiek

Since 1967 PK has been cultivating SOMETHING, to which in a processual sense he gives a name ofACTIONS (DZIAŁANIA), and in a meta-spherical sense a name of INTEGRAL WHOLENESS – following a method of constant choices conditioned by the memory and by the external and the internal.  The object is to efficiently operate the world, while to show thousands of POSSIBLE CHANCES – of operations as well as worlds – is the objective.  Not to look for the truth in a static arrangement and to see (!) that it neither exists in the mobile one. Between 1971-88 PK together with Zofia Kulik worked as an artistic duo KwieKulik, creating a method of ?documented material-spatial-life-based Actions in particular conditions? (PK since 1967).  At home they established an ?extra-institutional institution? – a STUDIO OF ACTIONS, DOCUMENTATION and DISSEMINATION, where they were realizing their own exhibitions and live multimedia shows of their vast collection (mostly for foreigners). Since 1988 PK works individually, continuing the ideas and formal achievements of KwieKulik , and those from earlier years.  He uses the word APPEARANCE to name each one of his successive expressions ?intended outwards? – may it take a form of an Action, performance, installation, exhibition of objects (paintings, sculptures?), documentation show, speech, publication, or be a conglomerate of them all.  This form he introduces into art as a new genre.  Individual APPEARANCES together with some ?events of life? add up as CREATION ? an actual Work;  it is not simply a sum of elements.  PK is his own ?photographing-video/film-making-writing? documentalist.  He is one of the co-founders of the Performance genre (since 1970) and a worldwide recognized performer.


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20 April 2012