Przemysław Kwiek

Przemysław Kwiek (born 1945) performer, sculptor, author of installations, movies, interventions and actions. He finished sculpture faculty at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He  was guided by professor Oskar Hensen and professor Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz. Within years 1970-1988, together with Zofia Kulik, he was making an art duo called ?KwieKulik?. Since 1987 he has worked individually, continuing both formal and ideological  achievements of  his mutual work with Zofia Kulik. In 1990s his repertoire was enlarged with unconventionally treated  traditional easel painting,  that was an another element of interventionist  activities. In 1988 he led to the birth of Another Art Artists Association. Since the beginning of individual work he has used term ?appearance? in order to define his performances, that include many varieties of multimedia  art.


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11 May 2015