Piotr Riaska

Piotr Riaska, born on August 14, 1975 in Transcarpathia, Ukraine
2004-2009. Education at the Institute of Art of Transcarpathia, Faculty of Arts and Decorative Arts, in the painting group in Uzhgorod. (Teacher Vyacheslav Prikhodko)


Works in painting, performance and objects. He is an activist and carries out the group's artistic projects.


Important personal exhibitions:

2 września 2014: „Droga”, performance, obiekt, galeria „Tymutopijapres”’, Lwow.

August 2013: object, painting, "Vibrations of Verkhovyna" (Kosmos Werchowyński), bastion gallery "Art on the wall", Ivano-Frankivsk.

July 2013: "Vibrations of Verkhovyna" (Kosmos Verkhovyna), object, black soot, "Corridor" gallery, Uzhgorod.

April 2012: Object "Thought You Feel", Galeria "Detenpyla", Lviv.

Other projects:

1.02.2015- 31.07.2015 resident of the art program "Gaude Polonia", Poland, Poznań (curator Janusz Bałdyga)

Is the organizer of the group project:





Artist's personal page: www.painting.com.ua


Posted on

11 May 2015