Lenka Klodová

(born in 1969 in Opava, Czech Republic). She studied sculpture at the Academy of Arts and Architecture and Design in Prague. From the beginning of her career, she has worked with various media, choosing those that enabled her conceptual approach, including photography, installation, performance, participatory projects and artistic research. Her field of interest includes the visual representation of human relationships and their ties to art, sexual experience (especially of women) and pornography. In 2005, she obtained a PhD for an artistic project creating a pornographic magazine for women. In 2010, she took the position of the head of the Body Design Studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology. He also makes a significant contribution by co-creating an educational program offering a theoretical course in Pornstudies and Art Research. Currently, he deals with human nudity artistically and academically, treating it as the natural state of the human body, at the same time showing the political dimension of this gesture. As part of this research, she published the book Naked Situations, a guide to the most important moments of nudity in the history of modern society, along with a catalog of her works on this topic. In 2015, she founded the Naked Forms Festival - an experimental platform for learning and understanding nudity in the visual arts and humanities.


Posted on

24 September 2019