Léa Le Bricomte

A French artist with variable and multi-referenced work such as sculptures, photographs, installations, videos, performances, concerts, drawings. Born in 1987 in Montbard, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris in 2012. Léa Le Bricomte explores the universe of warriors, using military materials and iconography (ammunition, uniforms, medals, weapons). She collects these remains of the last or former struggle and then changes their contexts by making a diversionary transformation of death into a meditative and altruistic spirit. Her latest works have a spiritual and immaterial dimension. Lea Le Bricomte is particularly committed to revealing the sound potential of the First World War missiles by organizing ritualised concerts / performances (“Sounds Of War”): new music emanates sounds of missiles reprogrammed in the service of peace. For two years, she has been inviting shamans, healers and the media to battlefields in Verdun, creating a huge collective and experimental joint project “Spirits of War” leading to a series of exhibitions and various events (publications, conferences, performances, projections).


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26 September 2018