Karolina Kubik


Karolina Kubik (born in 1984, graduate from the Academy of the Fine Arts, Poznań) is a visual/ performance artist based in Warsaw. She works in between, on the edge of definitions: performs, writes poems, builds installactions. Recognises the constant variable of subjectivity between the viewer and performer.
She has participated in several group exhibitions and festivals. In 2008 received the Erasmus scholarship to study at Dartington College of Arts, UK and in 2009 the CEEPUS scholarship to Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti, Zagreb, Croatia.
Since 2010 until now co-runs the Studio of Spatial Activities with Miroslaw Balka (2010/11 Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, 2011/12 Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw)


Performance art stigmatizes the space and the people. Affecting and being affected in a continuous loop of exchange.
The rhythm is difficult to identify, unveils or not, remains important for the regeneration of time.
During performance art viewer can define himself/herself. Live action takes attention, but it forces to focus and to look inside. Time is divisible.
The performer and the viewer are the witnesses to each other’s true story. The importance of the subject is fluent and bipolar – an artist goes unnoticed as the viewer of the viewer.
You can avoid a potentially embarrassing situation simply if you stick to the rules. But embarrassing situation verifies the attractiveness of the rules by becoming more demanding and destroys the audience’s life experience.


photos: Viktoriya Grabowska, Antoni Rogala, Urszula Patalas


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16 April 2012