Joël Hubaut

Born in Amiens in 1947 , he lives and  works in Réville above the English Channel. He is teaching in Ecole the Beaux-Arts desec. in Caen. He started the work in late years 60., W. S. Burroughs stimulated by letters, the music of Eric Satie, the actionism and the pop Art. Carrying out installations, pictures, insults and different objects mainly, paradoxically he is well-known above all around one’s performanses  and of poetic texts. Joining all these heterogeneous sources, Hubaut Joel is directing his activity towards hybrid and horrible blend which humorously he is describing as “Pest-Modern”. (Zaraza-moderny). In 70’s he created the first signs of the “epidemic letter” which all media are attacking, objects – human bodies – vehicles – shop windows – and the like developing processes and structures of rhizomes (rizomiczne) in the form of devices and action inter- and multidisciplinary.

In years 1978 – 1985 created the alternative space “NOUVEAU MIXAGE” (instalacja-wideo-malarstwo-poezja-koncert-performance). He also directed audiobook “FRACTAL M”


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26 September 2018