Jacques van Poppel (Netherlands)


Jacques van Poppel began his career as a musician. He has played electric violin in many (mostly experimental) music groups such as "Electric Paranoid Era", "Lazarus" and "Blue Sound". In 1974 "Blue Sound" won "Jazz" Blizen "

Since 1981, Jacques van Poppel has been known for his years of activity at various performance festivals and by meeting various artists from many different backgrounds. In his performances, Van Poppel creates a radical narrative based on working with ordinary objects and related to his "street" personal life and personality. He thinks up situations in which he breaks the innate assumptions of the play and establishes an intimate bond with the audience. Some of the unforeseen things it can do include meeting a tent, distributing beer cans and sweets to the public while working with items such as toys, cloths, and household items. He uses these objects in an original way and creates a collage of imaginary interpretations and actions that reveal the endless possibilities of performance art. Jacques van Poppel is a natural performance artist. His faith in people reflects a pure humanity filled with openness, compassion and radical creativity.

Van Poppel often collaborates with other artists, he has been a member of Black Market International since 1986. Together with the German assistant Boris Nieslony he creates “Tram-Duo in der Auszeit”. The Dutch trombonist Wolter Wierbos is also his regular partner.

Occasionally gives lectures at art schools and universities, conducting workshops with young art students.


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8 May 2011