Jacques Donguy

French poet, performer, translator and art critic, pioneer of Digital Poetry (as early as the first personal computers appeared in 1983). In his performances, he uses random processes: starting with typography (Atari 520ST), then using aleatoric typology, 2D and 3D images, short films, looping sounds creating an expanded formula of verbal and sound-visual poetry; the goal is to develop generalized semantics. He is also a researcher of experimental poetry and a translator of the Brazilian creator of concrete poetry – Augusto de Campos (winner of the Janus Pannonius award for poetry in 2017). He also published a book about his work in the publishing house Presses du réel, “Pd-extended 1, poésie numérique en Pure Data”, with screenshots of his realizations and all theoretical texts from 1984 to 2015. His international anthology / the study of experimental poetry has been translated into Polish (“Experimental Poetry, Digital Epoch 1953-2007”, publishing house: word / image / territories, Gdańsk 2014). Doctor of French Literature (University of Paris III, 1995). He is also – amazingly enough – the author of the French translation of “Dziady” by A. Mickiewicz and “Kordian” by J. Słowacki.


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26 September 2018