HATI (Poland)

HATI is a musical group based on the sound of acoustic instruments - ethnic and recycled objects, combining experiments in the field of ritual-meditative and improvised music. The group was founded in Toruń in 2001 by Rafał Iwański and Dariusz Wojtas, since 2006 they have performed as a trio with Rafał Kołacki, since 2007 as the Iwański / Kołacki duo, with guest appearances by Dariusz Brzostek and other musicians. The group has played several hundred concerts in Poland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Great Britain, France and Denmark. HATI musicians collaborated on a concert and studio basis with many sound artists, incl. such as Z'EV (2 joint tours in 2006 and the album HATI vs Z'EV #1 released in ABM in Italy, 2006), PAS (PAS & HATI present PHASTI, USA, 2011) John Zorn, PURE, Sławomir Ciesielski ( ex Republika), Robert Curgenven, Raymond Salvatore Harmon (video). The group has released several albums, which were very well received in the music press and among listeners, both in Poland and abroad. R. Iwański and R. Kołacki are also originators and co-organizers of the international multimedia CoCArt Music Festival at the Center for Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu in Toruń. Both HATI musicians are involved in their original projects: R. Kołacki in Tonopolis - which consists of a CD and a website presenting field recordings sound works. R. Iwański as X-NAVI: ET creates electroacoustic music based on the sound of modified electronic and acoustic instruments, the latest release is the split album X-NAVI: ET & ELECTRIC URANUS: Voices of the Cosmos.



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May 13, 2011