Artistic Group Restaurant Europa (Poland)

Grupa Artystyczna Restauracja Europa (Polska)


Europa Restaurant is a curatorial-artistic or artistic-curatorial group, price unknowingly founded in 2000 by Stanisław Piotr Gajda and Gordian Piece. It has knowingly existed since 2003 or 2004. In 2005, Mariusz Marchlewicz and Olga Nowakowska joined her.

RE organizes joint exhibitions, actions and interventions. Using all available artistic tools, the Group operates in the field of various media: from painting, through installation, photography, video, poetry to performance.

The foundation of the Group's functioning is an open formula of membership and activity.

The key element of creation is the MEETING of people of different? Beauty? at the place of presentation.

GROUP action of RE is a symbolically limited space for getting to know each other's experiences and the ability to interpret.

INDIVIDUAL is a study of the relationship between what is inside and outside, between the self of the individual and the self of the group.

Is it artistic or curatorial, or curatorial-artistic, or more artistic or more curatorial? Is it even what? And is it needed? If so, who, if not why? Why ask such questions. Doubts arise by themselves, but where the meaning is over them


RE looks for rhythms, sounds, gestures and colored bubbles in the wind.

RE gets into discussions although it does not always have to be understood and does not want to convert anyone.

RE opens umbrellas, which, although punctured by the rhythm of minutes and years, may become a substitute for closeness and security, for a moment.

RE makes performances in order to become aware of anxieties, mutual relationships and moods.

When we go out on the street, we feel rush, tension, hostility and fear surround us.

Everyone around looks for their safety zones, covers themselves and turns away.

We never know what we want to do before. If we knew that, the action would not make sense. A description or a poem or a newspaper article would suffice.

Working in space and in interaction with other people allows us to understand what is bothering us.

We leave the descriptions for later.

We are looking for interaction and reaction.

We don't plan.

We are spontaneous and open.

We don't know what awaits us.


Posted on

1 May 2011