Marita Bullmann

Marita Bullmann deals with performance art, allergy art installations and photography. He lives and works in Essen, Germany. Marita was a student of two universities at the same time: she studied photography at the Folkwang University of Art and Project in Essen and performance art at the Jerusalem Academy of Art and Project Bezalel in Israel (she attended classes with Adina Bar-on). In 2011, she graduated with honors from the Folkwang University of Fine Arts in Essen.
In 2011, together with Boris Nieslony (Black Market International) and other artists, they founded PAErsche, an artistic activity laboratory that sees meetings and networking as a gift and a result of collaboration. (
Since 2013, he has been the organizer and artistic director of the INTERVAL performance art platforms, in which artists from Europe and China take part. (
In her performances, Marita uses everyday objects, which is a common practice among performance artists. However, it should be noted that each of these items has an individual way of handling it. Marita tries to limit the number of props in her performances to the necessary minimum, which allows for greater concentration during the performance as well as increases the clarity of the message.
During the performance, there is a peculiar comparison of the shape, structure and movement between Marita and the props. It is the study of how materials interact with body movement and vice versa. He is looking for images that best reflect the beauty of the present moment and its simplicity.

Artist's declaration:
In my work, I research situations present in everyday life that we do not perceive consciously.
The small and fleeting moments best reflect the way I perceive the world around me.
I deprive the materials I use of their original context and add new, different features to them.
I study moments whose internal context is transferred, which brings a new perspective, opinions as well as values, mood and specificity.
My goal is to influence sight and other sensory mechanisms in a way that is as far away from their cultural context as possible and to create a new "space" that aims to make us aware of how differently we perceive things. He is looking for images and activities that best reflect the beauty of the present moment and its simplicity.


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8 May 2015