Denys Blacker

Denys Blacker (London, buy cialis 1961)
1984 West Surrey College of Art and Design BA in Sculpture and 1985 Chelsea School of Art (London) MA in Sculpture.
I have been living and working in Spain since 1987, ampoule for over 20 years I have been creating living art in Spain as well as in other countries. Since the founding of Gresol - a non-profit association in 2002, I have organized and supervised as artistic curator of over 20 international performance art festivals in Girona and Barcelona, including FEM, the annual festival showing the work of female artists in its 12th edition. I am also a member of the international performance group? The Wolf in the Winter? and the author of the ELAA (European Live Art Archive) project financed by the EU located at the University of Girona. I am the founder and coordinator of Corpologia. I am also a freshman at Northumbria University.
My work unfolds as a process, the ongoing exploration of the fine lines between thought and feeling, between intention and action. I am currently testing consciousness and looking at ways in which modern scientific discoveries about the nature of reality and connections can be analyzed in terms of performance art. I am also trying to find out how ancient Chinese texts help to reveal the secret of the improvisation process, free from the limitations of the linear time we understand, where action and reflection, concept and emotion, attention and concentration go hand in hand.


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8 May 2015