Deborah Guinnane

Debbie Guinnane, visual artist. After earning an MA in Arts from the Department of Art, Design and Technology at Dun Laogharie University in 2013, the Northumbria University of Newcastle upon Tyne awarded her a scholarship to open her PhD. In 2008, she completed a BA in Sculpting and Associated Media from the Limerick School of Art and Design.

Guinnane is a member of 'pre form', a group of performance artists founded in 2012 to collaborate on improvised performance art live. The space in which 'pre form' currently operates was made available to them by the RUA RED Art Center in Tallaght. In 2013, 'pre form' received the Incubation Space Award from Dublin City Council.

Guinnane has published her books and has performed on stage both nationally and internationally. Her latest works include 'Drafting', a two-day series of research performances staged at Baltic39, Newcastle, UK; 'GastroPODa' performance from the SPILL Performance Art Festival, part of the NATIONAL PLATFORM 2014, Ipswich, UK;

'Her, Subject, to Ellipse' performance from the exhibition 'Self Made' Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland, 2014; 'Counterfoil' performance at RUA RED Gallery, 2014, Tallaght, Ireland; 'FLOWS' staged in] performance space [London, Great Britain; 'Between Us', a performance by a pre-form group staged at LAB, Dublin, Ireland; 'ESB: The Experimental Sounding Board', two performances using sound and text created in collaboration with John M. Bowers under the patronage of Lorah Pierre, Brighton, UK; and 'Run Computer Run', part of the Glitch Festival, in collaboration with John M. Bowers, RUA RED sponsored by Nora O'Murchu, Tallaght, Ireland.

Writer-in-residence at the 13th International Festival of Performance Art 'FIX' in Belfast, South Ireland; Writer-in-residence of the 'Spill' Performance Art Festival, London and Ipswich, Great Britain; writer-in-residence and participant of the Workshops and IPA Istambul Performance Art Festival, Istanbul, Turkey.

Guinnane is the author of reviews, essays, and articles published in the magazines' MAP: Media, Archive, and Performance '(Germany),' Exeunt Magazine 'Online magazine on performance art,' thisistomorrow 'magazine on contemporary art, website and archive' SPILL Festival of Performance '.


Posted on

8 May 2015