Barbara Sturm (Switzerland)

Barbara Sturm (Szwajcaria)


My performance art is closely related to my life, arthritis and my life is nothing special!

It is a being - and like every being is a sum of energy, remedy who wants to survive.

Interestingly, unhealthy I am looking for a language to talk about what is happening, I am trying to open my eyes and hearts. I talk and communicate honestly. I'm sorry to be a bad liar, sorry the truth is mostly bad news!

Fortunately, there are tons of angels, thank you very much!

Here's a chance to survive!

In my performance art, I found a language for conversation, a chance for reflection and the task of being angels FOR SOMEONE / WITH SOMEONE / THANKS TO SOMEONE.

DLA is remembrance, an attempt to support someone; w THANKS I use someone else's idea, someone inspires me; and in Z I collaborate and exchange with other performance artists.

March 2010, Basel



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1 May 2011