Antoni Karwowski (Poland)


Born in 1948 in Grajewo.

Studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.

Artistically active in the fields: performance, intermedia.

Acts in performance since 1979.

Currently associated with the environment of Szczecin.


1978 established group "A" in Torun under which organizes a lot of events and exhibitions.

1979 - 1981 cooperates with the Center of Open Theater "Kalambur" in Wroclaw.

1980 - The National Symposium of Open Art - parateatr fulfills Parateatr monument and spectacle Corporal and Heater Concerto

1981 - 1986 organizes and leads the „Center of artistic activities? in Swinoujscie.

1992 - 1994 Co-organizer of the international project "Gaja - Four Elements"

1995 - 1999 Initiator and curator of the international festival of performance "LAWN"

in Szczecin and Cologne.

2000 - 2003 Organizer of the international project "Art migration"

2003 - 2005 Co-founder of international projesct? Art impact?

2005 - 2011 Curator of International Performance & Intermedia Festival

(Szczecin - Berlin)

2005 -2011 Curator of the international festival of video art "PI five" in Szczecin.


Participant of several editions of the international forum OST - West Germany and

numerous international projects, inter alia:


LP 11? CCCB, Barcelona

Performer Stammtisch, Berlin

Blauverschiebung, (Leipzig - Germany)

Performance Art Platform, (Tel-aviv, Israel)

LAWN, Molkerei Werkstatt? Cologne (Germany)

Distance 777, Gallery 68elf (Cologne - Germany)

Selfportrait, (Rosario, Santa Fe? Argentina, Naples? Italy)

Bridge Ost-West, (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany)

Salz arm, Berlin

Galerie automatique, Szczecin-Berlin-Strasbourg

Gaia Four Elements, Gerlesborg (Sweden)

Graspiloten, (Broellin? Germany)

Hybrid project, (Münster - Germany)

Kophar surreal, Berlin

Coincidence, (Cologne-Germany)

Ultramarine, Museum in Greifswald (Germany).

Waiting, (Ärhus - Denmark)

Performance S-pur, (Siegburg - Germany)

Raumtrieb 2001, Berlin

International Art Biennale? NEWS? ? (Szczecin)

4th International Baltic Art Biennale (Szczecin)

5th International Baltic Art Biennale - Private Impact project (Szczecin)



Identity- I see a threat, that through the? decay of memory ?, it may be blurred in reality, that surrounds me.

Body is a physical and mental reality, that copes, during action, with previous experiences

Performance, enables me to play with a time. Gives me a feeling of ability to affect the course of past actions,

modify them, disconnect them from? the source ?, build new configurations and transfer them to the space of reality.




Posted on

8 May 2011