Ana Matey

Ana Matey


Ana Matey (born 1978 in Mardyt) is a renowned multi-platform artist of the Madrid performance scene. Its domain extends to performance, film and photography. Her body is the main medium for her work with which she ponders the problems of time and identity. Her works and performances have been presented from Portugal, through France, England, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands to Mexico. Her exhibitions have been presented at festivals, museums, alternative spaces and galleries. Invited to lectures and conferences to museums, galleries and universities in Spain, Mexico and Portugal. Since 2001, her texts have been published in many trade magazines, books and newspapers, including La Fotografia, El País, 10 × 10 + 1, FV and Tentaciones. In 2006, she co-founded ElCarromato, a multi-disciplinary art space and photo studio. In 2008 she founded ARTóN - a monthly performance art event in Madrid.



My work is built on examining personal concerns about time and identity issues in our society. I create poetic images based on the body's resistance, irony, intensity and silence. I am interested in discovering or searching for hidden images of what surrounds us. To this end, I use all the available tools, starting with my body, with what follows me all the time and through them I think and feel the world. The main axis of my actions / actions related to my body is time. I look for empty spaces where time slows down because, according to my feelings, the mind is incapable of generating thoughts when confronted with fast and constant stimuli. I invite others to watch and pause, and this exercise allows us to move beyond our normal state of mind. It is a space where a new mind can develop. Because of this, my job seems to be lengthy.


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11 April 2012