Akenaton (Philippe Castellin, Jean Torregrosa)


Prolonging the visual and sound poetries of XX ° century, Akenaton (Philippe Castellin, Jean Torregrosa) develops since 1984 performative intermedia practices which, using all resources offered by digital technology, aim at expressing the will to go "outside the page" by the construction , in situ, of a "plastic" space semantically fed by the mediatique memory and the images-sounds which populate it. Since 1990 Akenaton manages and publishes DOC (K) S, international reference review for the experimental poetries.


AKENATON has developed for a long time works connected to the "strong" images of XX ° century (? Images of XX ° century ?, Gallery G. Vitte Ajaccio, LeLieu / Inter, Quebec) and in a constant will to articulate its work on a social and political questioning which, beyond History, results in the question of time: durability and future, streams, stability and dissolutions.


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11 April 2012